Aerial course start dates

Aerial dance courses

OCTOBER and DECEMBER 2018 Shemoves' Aerials course start dates (Silkmoves, Lyra & Static Trapeze). Note : dates may vary.
Book via phone 1300 789 103 or via live link below this table (locate level then click "BOOK", date options will follow)

Aerials Studio 1
183 Lord Street, Perth
Aerials Studio 2
183 Lord Street, Perth
Aerials Studio 1
183 Lord Street, Perth

Silkmoves level 1 start date:
Sat 20 Oct at 10.10am
Mon 22 Oct at 6pm
Tue 23 Oct at 5pm

Lyra level 1 start dates:                         
Sat 20 Oct at 11.30am
Tue 30 Oct at 6pm
Thu 1 Nov at 7.10pm
Thu 6 Dec at 6pm

Static Trapeze level 1 start dates: 
Tue 16 Oct at 7.30pm  
Thu 25 Oct at 7.10pm
Tue 11 Dec at 6pm
Silkmoves level 2 start dates:
Sat 20 Oct at 9am
Thu 8 Nov at 6pm
Mon 19 Nov at 8.30pm
Lyra level 2 start dates:
Mon 29 Oct at 6pm                                     
Thu 25 Oct at 6pm
Tue 30 Oct at 7.10pm
Sat 1 Dec at 11.30am
Thu 13 Dec at 7.10pm                                 
Static Trapeze level 2 start dates:
Tue 30 Oct at 6.10pm
Tue 27 Nov at 7.10pm          
Silkmoves 2.5 start dates:
Coming soon!                  
Lyra Doubles start dates:
Coming soon!
Static Trapeze level 3 start dates:
Coming soon!                                    
Silkmoves level 3 start dates:
Mon 22 Oct at 7.10pm
Lyra level 3 start dates:
Sat 17 Nov at 9.10am                                     
Silkmoves level 4 start dates:
Mon 3 Dec at 7.10pm
Lyra level 4 start dates:
Coming soon!                  

Book via phone 1300 789 103 or via live link below (locate level then click "BOOK", start date options will follow)

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