Lyra Classes

elegant, aerial hoop dance classes

Lyra (aerial hoop)

Lyra is an elegant form of aerial dance which brings together gracefulness, strength and breathtaking beauty!

The Lyra courses focus on strength building sequences and routines, flexibility, graceful poses and building student comfort working at heights. You will learn beautiful, fluid routines performed to the latest(and beautiful) tracks, that will build your performing stamina up to managing minutes at a time within the Lyra.

Lyra Level  Description  Pre-requisite 
 Level 1  Beginner level routine  None
 Level 2  Intermediate level routine  Level 1
 Level 3  Intermediate plus level routine    Levels 1 & 2
 Doubles 2 friends, 1 lyra!  Level 1
 Level 4 New moves, sequences and transitions  Level 3

About our Lyra courses

What are the benefits? A new perspective on core conditioning work and upper body muscle toning within a graceful and challenging aerial dance form.

Experience required: None!

Course length : Each level is 6 hours long (6 x 1 hour lessons once a week from a specific start date - see start dates below)

Cost : $195 (6 hour course)

See below for next course start dates!

NB : if you are a repeating student (ie you want to repeat the course again), its half price! Make sure you put '0' in the box next to Adult, and '1' in the box next to Repeating student box (see below) in order to make a half price booking!

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