SilkMoves Classes

beautiful, breathtaking 'ballet on air' silks classes

Silkmoves aerial courses

Silkmoves is quite simply 'ballet on air' and when mastered is breathtaking and awe-inspiring! It is also one of the most physically challenging courses we teach. 

Silkmoves aerial dance courses have been originally designed by an international aerial arts performer and are delivered with a strong focus on safety and fun! All our aerial instructors are passionate about aerial dance as a fitness form and will ensure you receive personalised attention in every lesson! 

Every Silkmoves lesson includes a substantial warm up and stretch session created specifically for aerial dance students. You will learn how to climb, wrap, invert, drop and pose using a beginner level safety knot until you are ready to brave them without it! 

Thinking of starting Aerial Silks with Shemoves?  Here's just some of the extras we offer!

  • Free practice time on the aerial silks at Shemoves East Perth studio
  • A generous 'make up' class option (if you miss a class during your course, you can make it up in another course running at the same level - subject to availability
  • Weekly or fortnightly payment plans at no extra cost
  • Half price repeating option - you can repeat any completed Silkmoves level for half price as many times as you wish!

Wondering what to wear? Standard gym attire is perfectly fine and we recommend full length leggings and a top that is close fitting and covers under your arms (eg a t-shirt with sleeves rather than a singlet top)  We dance in bare feet too so just bring a hand towel and water bottle! 

SilkMoves Level  Description  Pre-requisite 
Level 1  Beginner foundation skills  None! 
Level 1 Silks Flow beginner routines None!
Level 2 Intermediate level skills Level 1 
Level 2.5  4 week routine course using level 1 & 2 skills  Levels 1 & 2 
Level 3  Challenging 6 week routine course with all new skills  Level 2 
Level 4  Performance wraps & drops  Level 3 
Level 4.5 4 week routine course using all level skills Level 4
Level 5 Advanced level skills Level 4
Level 6 Advanced + level silks  

About Aerial Silks

What are the benefits?  Muscle toning, stretching and strengthening (particularly core, back, shoulders and arms) weight loss and body shaping, confidence building, friendship making and enjoyment while you're working out!

Class Type : Course

Experience required : Please refer to your preferred level above to check pre requisites. (however, if you have previous aerial silks experience call us on 1300 789 103 to guide you into the most appropriate level for you)

Course length : Each level is 6 hours long (6 x 1 hour lessons once a week from a specific start date - see start dates below)

Cost : $195

See below for next course start dates! (below the video)

NB : if you are a repeating student (ie you want to repeat the course again), its half price! Make sure you put '0' in the box next to Adult, and '1' in the box next to Repeating student box (see below) in order to make a half price booking! 


Let us help!

Everyone in our office is also an Instructor, so let us help you find the best class for you!



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