Silkmoves aerial dance experience!

Silkmoves is Shemoves most beautiful yet most physically challenging dance courses! The strength, body shaping and flexibility benefits of aerial silks is out of this world and we invite to come and experience it for yourself!

About Silkmoves Trial Class

We will firstly warm you up with a warm up and stretching sequence from our complimentary casual flexibility class, Flex Appeal.

Next you will be taken through some beginner level moves and poses on the Silks and guided through a beautiful routine! Your passionate instructor will then give you a demonstration of some inspiring high level Silks sequences whilst you enjoy some refreshments!(you will need it!)

Which Shemoves Studio do I come to?
Silkmoves lessons are taught from our 2 custom built aerial studios at Shemoves' East Perth studios - 183 Lord Street, East Perth.

When is the next trial class on? 
See below!
What to wear : For silks we recommend leggings and a firm fitting t-shirt and don't worry about footwear as we will teach you everything in bare feet :)

What to bring : a water bottle and sweat towel


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